Hi there! My name is Kiley Moore. I am a senior at Rowan University who is majoring in English and minoring in journalism. I am running this blog as a project for a course titled “Online Journalism.”

I have lived in Bordentown my whole life so I hope to cover the different aspects of the town that make it such a unique place in order to expose the town to a wider audience as well as cover local happenings for those who reside in Bordentown.

I plan to do a story on the upcoming Cranberry Festival (Oct. 6th and 7th), visit local businesses such as shops and restaurants, cover the different outdoor activities, review a show at the Record Collector, and delve into the history of the city.

If you are from Bordentown and have any other things you’d like to see covered please leave suggestions in the comment section.


3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. This is an excellent blog site! I enjoyed what you have done here and you actually made me feel like I was a Bordentown resident, although I live in Bridgeton, which is almost 90 minutes from Bordentown. It gave me a lot of information and a lot of information on the culture of Bordentown. Only thing I saw that you could have done differently was I think a lot of your readers would want to know about town hall meetings and the political aspect of Bordentown, but I do not know if that was something you wanted your theme to stay away from. You did a great job with this blog site!

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