Art thrives in Bordentown despite a struggling economy

If anything, Bordentown is known for its historical background having played host to the likes of Thomas Paine, Clara Barton, and Joseph Bonaparte as well as the first female sculpture in the United States, Patience Lovell Wright.

Located at 100 Farnsworth Ave.

The tradition of art continues through to today. Farnsworth Avenue, the town’s main street, has three art galleries on the short span of road as well as another gallery that branches off of Farnsworth on Walnut Street.

The Artful Deposit gallery showcases higher end art by, according to their blog, artists who are on “international, national, and local” levels and have established reputations. One such artist is Tom Kelly, a resident of Hamilton, who has consistently displayed his art at The Artful Deposit. Today (Sept. 29) at 2 p.m., Kelly will be showcasing and talking about his newest exhibit at the gallery entitled “The Zodiac Series.” According to Kelly, the series is based on Greek myths and their connection to everyday life. The exhibit will last through Oct. 21.

Located at 201 Farnsworth Ave.

The Farnsworth Gallery is located just down the block from The Artful Deposit. The galleries have similar aesthetics to each other with most of the art being more high end and classically influenced such as impressionist paintings and still life. Every third Friday anyone interested in art and the art community can gather at the gallery for friendly conversation and food. (On a more personal note, my boyfriend lives in the apartment above this gallery and I can testify that there is, indeed, a steady flow of people in and out of The Farnsworth Gallery. The art community, particularly in this gallery, is alive and well.)

Located at 134 Farnsworth Ave.

Square Peg Round Hole Art and Recovery Emporium is the newest gallery to come to Bordentown, located at 212 Farnsworth Ave. Unlike the other two galleries, Square Peg is unique in that it features more reasonably priced artwork that is significantly more modern. The art varies from traditional, to photography, to surreal, to sculptural, to pop art and everywhere in between. The co-owners, Cindy Ridolfino and Woody Speakman, are both recovering addicts which has influenced the “recovery” side of the gallery that features books on the 12-step program and other inspirational knick knacks.

Local artist, Eric Gibbons, runs The Firehouse Gallery located at 8 Walnut Street. The gallery had previously hosted a wide range of artists but now has become strictly for housing Gibbons artwork as well as becoming a classroom for young artists in the making.

Gibbons is taking a step towards exhibiting again by showing a duel exhibition of his work along side the work of Bob Gherardi. This exhibition as well as Tom Kelly’s are both opening just in time for the upcoming Cranberry Festival on Oct. 6 and 7. All of these galleries will be open during the festival so make sure to come out and keep local art alive.


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