Hurricane Sandy aftermath in Bordentown, New Jersey

Bordentown was lucky enough to have minimal damage compared to the towns located along the Jersey shore but it did not survive Hurricane Sandy completely unscathed. Most of the damage around the city and the township came from high winds that knocked down trees into power lines causing many residents to lose power, some of who are still in the dark. PSE&G has a twitter feed updating the power situation for those towns under their coverage.

Downed tree at the end of Yorktown Road that just barely missed the house behind it.

Trees along the path at the end of Farnsworth next to the Bordentown Yacht Club are precariously perched on power lines.

Prince Street near the Delaware is partially blocked by trees and unstable power lines.

Sidewalk on Prince Street near the River Line leveled from an uprooted tree.

Local Updates

The Gas Situation in Bordentown

Gas shortages all over the state are causing people to flock to the pumps in massive numbers causing long lines and high prices. Bordentown has not been immune to the lines of cars piling up on highway shoulders.

Long lines at the Valero on Route 130 south near Northern Park.

Another line at the Gulf in Bordentown where Route 206 meets with Route 130.

People are not only filling up their cars but cans for their generators.

Bordentown gas station information as of Oct. 31st at 6:00 p.m.:

  • The Gulf in Bordentown is currently open with gas at $3.89 a gallon.
  • The Valero (streetview unavailable, it is near Groveville Road on Route 130 South) in Bordentown is open and appears to have the longest lines with gas at $3.37 a gallon.
  • The Valero on Route 206 South is open with gas at $3.47 a gallon, the Valero located near the Turnpike .4 miles down the road is also open at $3.49 a gallon.
  • I personally went to the Valero that can be accessed heading into Bordentown last night when there were no lines. It was open but their gas had been sold out besides Super, which is $3.69 a gallon.
  • The Citgo and the Exxon across from it on Route 130 in Bordentown are both closed.

Some gas stations around New Jersey have been accused of price gouging, which is illegal. If you see or suspect any sort of price gouging, a hotline number is available at 800-242-5846 to report any suspicious price hikes.

On a personal note

Having grown up in the great state of New Jersey, or as I lovingly call it “Dirty Jersey,”I have not known one summer without the Jersey Shore, whether it be the boardwalk at Seaside or Jenkinson’s at Point Pleasant, my childhood vacations to Avalon where my parents rented a beach house, or recently just relaxing at the beach a few blocks down from my parents’ condo in Belmar.

My brother and I at Avalon as kids.

Many people have suffered personal losses from Hurricane Sandy, including homes and businesses with some people even losing their lives. As a state I feel like we’ve lost something else as well: the heart and soul of New Jersey. For a lot of us who grew up here, the shore is a physical representation of our childhood summers and as adults it means a peaceful retreat only 30 minutes away. Let’s face it, Jersey doesn’t have the best cities to visit: Camden’s a mess and Trenton’s closing in behind it. Sure, we can take the train to Philly or NYC but the shore is ours. It’s unique to us as a state, it’s something we can call our own. To witness the damage done all along the coast is simply heartbreaking, more than just on a physical level, but it’s emotionally disturbing, knowing that something that means so much to so many of us simply no longer exists.

If you wish to give to a charity, The Huffington Post has compiled a list of tips for donating.


5 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy aftermath in Bordentown, New Jersey

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  2. Do you have any word on Old York Country Club – Chesterfield / Bordentown area ? We have a wedding reception scheduled their 11/10/12 and have been unable to rech them.


    • Alright so I just went by there – no lights, no street lights – looks like it still does not have power. I’ll recheck during the daylight and see if there’s anyone I can talk to. Are you from NJ?

    • One last update! I spoke to a friend who has horses at the stables across the street. She said while they did not lose power, Old York Country Club did, in fact, lose all power. Now, it could be up and running today, I haven’t checked but I do know after the snow we got last night my lights down the street were flickering so they might have lost it again if they had it back. Hope this helped a littl!

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